About Us

Solving yesterday's problems with tomorrow's solutions, today

We're all about solving problems at Crimson, whether they're economic, social or cultural. We love to think outside the box and engage dynamic and innovative methods for simple and complex issues.

Loving where you live

We believe that every resident of the BCP should feel huge pride in being a member of the community, and have a strong desire to show and share that pride at every opportunity. Through collaborative, cohesive and coordinated projects we aim to make this a reality. Love where you live!

A strong & resilient economy

At Crimson we feel very strongly that for the BCP to thrive it must have a strong and resilient economy. This means spreading the load properly amongst more than a handful of industries, and proactively supporting businesses to grow and thrive. Our projects are completely geared towards this principal.

Collaboration is supreme

Coordinated collaboration is one of our paramount principals. Share the load, share the success and share the happiness. Business collaboration is the only way to build a successful and thriving economy, and we aim to do this at every step of the way.

Variety is the spice of life

Variety is the spice of life, and the BCP economy needs it. Supporting the creation and development of unique businesses and opportunities brings countless benefits to the community. At Crimson we are working hard to make sure these businesses have the greatest chance of success.

Reinvesting profits

We want to truly empower the BCP community. With all of our projects, any profit derived from them is reinvested back into the BCP economy in meaningful ways to foster growth and diversity. We don't exist to make money, we exist to make you money.